Northamptonshire Fire & Police

Project Overview:

This command and control vehicle was designed for Northants Police and Fire to so both emergency response sectors can act together in looking after major incidents.

The vehicle consists of a main conference room at the rear to seat twelve people seven are positioned around the main desk and five are around the walls on fold down seats with chairs. The desk was constructed from Corian with an opaque centre lit by LED’s below for illumination. The rear wall has a 4 screen display.

Two sliding glass doors lead into the middle room that is split into three separate rooms each with twin operators desks that have equipment bays and a double monitor stacks. One room for fire and one for police with a swing door between the two and electrically actuated division wall that can be lowered by the push of a switch when the two sides need to communicate.

The front room houses the two bay air conditioned equipment rack with two workstations and storage.

Project Specs:

Northamptonshire Fire & Police – England

  • 26t GVW Rigid 6×2
  • 12 x 2.5 x 4 (LxWxH) (Meters)
  • Double Hydraulic Expanding Side
  • 3 Main Areas – Utility, Operations & Conferencing
  • Full Hydraulic Self-levelling system
  • Extensive Split-gas Air-conditioning system
  • Integrated 25kVA intelligent Fischer Panda Generator system
  • Extensive internal lighting system