Toyota Demount Unit

Project Overview:

Toyota hospitality units used to promote the line of Toyota vehicles.

Spectra produced a total of three of these units for Toyota.

The units were constructed from a steel base frame clad in pained aluminium and fibreglass sheets.

The units are transported to events on a flatbed trailer with a hydraulic turntable that spins the unit 90° so the unit can then demount from the trailer its self by lowering its four 1.2m stroke hydraulic legs and then lowering itself to sit level on the ground. It then hydraulically deploys its expanding side and fold down entry platform. The roof canopy manually rotates to link up with a 5.3m logo totem. The main entry logo totem is electrically winched into position to complete the units assembly.



Project Specs:

Unit to be able to demount and deploy mainly through self automation.

Unit to have hydraulic 1.2m travel legs, expanding side and  fold don entrance platform.

Automatic sliding main entry doors.

Linked internal monitors with audio system.

Enclosed stowage area.

Refreshments area.

Advertising logo totems so the unit can be seen from long distanced.

Large canopy to position show car.

Internal and external LED lighting.